O. Pat

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     I don’t honestly understand the name of the shop yet.  If you do, please explain it to me.  I am assuming it is a word play in French.  Is a pasta shop called a patisserie?  The first time I walked by this postage stamp sized shop at La Marsa market, I almost thought it was a sweets shop, as set off by the black and white background was jewel colored pasta in only green, orange, ivory, and black.  And they only make four forms: linguine, spaghetti, ravioli, and sheets for lasagna.  It is just those repeated themes and it makes you dizzy with choice. 


     I wanted one of everything, but then I had a reality check and thought I should finish up  with what I had already ordered, which was several bundles of pasta.  The cashier told me the price:  1800TDS.  Still being a little fuzzy with Tunisian currency, which goes to the 1,000ths place, I handed her 20 dinars, expecting 2 dinars for change.  About 13 US dollars seemed fair enough to me for this handmade artwork.  The cashier scrunched up her face and asked if I had change.  It couldn’t be possible that she was asking me for less than 2 dinars could it?  About $1.30 in US currency?  But she was and she was much relieved when I fished a couple of coins from my purse and walked away.   This is beautiful and clearly, inexpensive comfort food. 

     Allan is away tonight so I made a nice little soup for one.  I’ll admit that it’s very white being poached chicken and four cheese ravioli, in homemade chicken stock.  It took me about 15 minutes to make and O. was it perfect.

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