The Annual Artisan Fair

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At long last, the Tunis artisan fair has arrived.  It seems, this year, like every time I complemented someone on a beautiful item in their home, they told me they got it at the artisan fair.  But this renowned market happens just once a year so you have to wait for it.  It is worth the wait, though.  Isles and isles and rooms of vendors, all with high quality artisan work:  metal, wood, ceramics, textiles, scents.  They even had really good snacks, like the Bedouin flat bread in the pictures, filled with a chili paste called harissa.  
On my plane ride home last weekend, I read a newspaper article about Ellen Barkin, New York’s famous actress and socialite.  The author of the article described her apartment as having Le Corbusier chairs with goat skin rugs scattered on the floor.  That was it.  I don’t have the Le Corbusier, but I knew the artisan fair was coming up this week and I thought I might find the rugs.  I did! 

  I also found some olive wood accessories, which I have been waiting to purchase until this fair rolled around.
I came home with a big basket full of luxury.  

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