Overnight in Umbria

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            Last weekend we were in Rome.  Allan was actually working and I took my unused personal days to hang out with him.  On Sunday, we had an amazing surprise when some new friends, the Johnsons, asked if we wanted to join them overnight at their villa in the Umbrian countryside, not far from Todi.  We were all booked to fly out of Rome the next day, Monday, so we had a little time. 
            They have owned this place now for about 10 years.  It was the olive pressing mill for a farm, thus the name, Il Mulino.  This is the original home.
     Patty and Paul have turned this 400 year old structure into a beautiful home that comfortably, very comfortably, sleeps about 17 people.  
     This view over the hillsides is a constant draw.  I kept taking pictures thinking the new light I was seeing must be the best shot yet.  In the end, you never can really capture it.  It was not unlike the ocean in the way it changes constantly.  
 Here are a few of my favorite images.
1.  Wisteria arbor
2.  Villagers who sit outside their front doors chatting with each other and with passers by.
3.  Succulent baskets

4.  Same stone ledges

5.  Ancient stone chapels

6.  And finally, prosecco (Italian champagne) on tap at the pizza restaurant.  I’m not sure they even charged us for the glass we drank as we waited for our take away.

Good news for us all.  They rent 1/2 of the house, sleeps 6+, for vacation rentals.  If you’re interested, I’ll put you in touch.

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