But These are My Friends

     Am I the only sad specimen of a person who has developed a deep bond with strangers over the internet?  That didn’t come out right.  I happened upon The Perennial Plate website as a link to a link to a weekly food blog I receive.  I normally wouldn’t even take a look, but I liked the title and gave it a click.  I found here a homemade, authentic, hardworking website about a man, Daniel Klein, and his girlfriend, Mira, who met in film-making class. As Daniel was a trained chef and from solid Minnesota stock, they decided to make 52 consecutive videos last year about seasonal cooking in Minnesota.  I already mentioned Daniel in “The Abundance Gene”, referring to his skillful processing and preparing of exactly 25 ducks.  They are trying to make the connection with people between the foods they eat, or could eat, the people who produce them, and methods of preparing them.
     Now, they are taking this around America.  They have been in a fund raising stage- an extremely modest $20,000 dollars, yes, I am a supporter at the t-shirt level, but this week are beginning a year-long journey around America, visiting organic farmers, artisanal cheese makers, community garden projects, just any and all conscientious food producers who are trying to help Americans eat real food.  That’s it.  Yea!
     Check in with these two.  They’re not asking for anything and they are going to be offering some images that can change how we eat.  They write some fun blog entries, too.

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