Lummi Island Spot Prawns

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            Oh my, we had a homemade summer seafood feast tonight.  Our neighbor, Leo Travenshek, has a specialty seafood business raising enormous spot prawns.  The Willows Inn, here on the island, has a special each Sunday serving spot prawns on their deck, but we were hungry for them on Monday so we bought and cooked them ourselves.  Allan has perfected the garlic, butter, olive oil sauté and he made the prawns.
          Fortunately, I had already been working for hours on another recipe from the July Bon Apettit, the Cilantro Scallion Bread.
          That’s all we had, prawns and the bread, and it was perfect.  The bread is a buttery soft dough absolutely stuffed with the vegetables and herbs and then there are the sesame seeds that get a toasty flavor as they bake.  Alongside the rich prawns, they were light, bright, and nutty. 
Fantastic combination.

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