Wood-fired Cooking

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          This summer we’re experimenting with cooking over a wood fire, basically, cowboy cooking.  We have an old-school backyard barbecue at our house in Tunis and I want to develop some skills this next year in cooking over wood.  My son, Gabe, has an interest in essentially “making fires” so he and I made a start this summer.  This barbecue pit was his design and it turned out to be clever and definitely atmospheric for parties.  
 We have a bounty of dungeness crab for a few weeks in the summer.  Tossing cooked crab halves in a cast iron pan with garlic, lemon, and white wine gives them a nice dressing and a little wood smoke flavor.
  Similarly, halved artichokes roasted in olive oil and lemons, melts them into a ready-made sauce.
Paella is traditionally made on the beaches of Catalan over wood fires, topped with shellfish.  It fits my conditions of a summer entertainment dish that you can make from memory and vary with local ingredients.  Bon Appetit has a great starter recipe.
Good friends who are always happy to sample experimental cooking.

One thought on “Wood-fired Cooking

  1. My face does not say, "happy to sample." But it should! It should say–BEST DARN MEAL OF THE YEAR. I'm still gasping. Paella? Heirloom tomato salad? Crab? Artichokes? All in one meal? Mocktails? Seriously. It was amazing. My face should say "amazing."

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