Frip Towels

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            As a follow up to our Frip trip last Sunday, I want to post some pictures of my favorite dish towels I’ve scored from the mound of dish towels, pillow cases, and napkins on the house linens table.  Some of them have been hand-embroidered and some are just fabulously thick cotton.  
This is so thick you can barely rumple it to dry things.
This looks like it was a promotion from a German knife company.
The crown jewel of the collection, fine linen and embroidery, plus a monogram on the back.
Graphic and thick
Heavy quality cotton with perfectly cross-stitched leaves.
 All towels were photographed on my new kitchen step ladder that will allow me to access exactly half of the upper storage in my kitchen that is currently unused.  A reorganization of the kitchen is imminent.

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