Teacher’s New Year’s Resolution

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            So many cultural groups in the world live according to their own calendar that it should come as no surprise that for teachers, the year really runs from September to September.  I am in my last week of being able to make some personal choices about how my day goes.  Beginning next week, I will be sucked back into the all-consuming work of school, which is also a great thing, but leaves little free-choice time.  I really want to use this week to improve my organization and decluttering everywhere in my life.  This is always a personal goal for me, but I feel like last year, with our move, too much stuff has crept back into our world and I either need to organize that stuff or get rid of it.   
When I got back to Tunis from summer vacation and our maid told me she threw away some of my spices because they had termites, I figured the kitchen was a priority.  As I also explained in my last entry, our beautiful kitchen cupboards are so dang tall that ½ of that storage space went completely unused. 
  Enter the French blue kitchen ladder.  Why didn’t I just do that sooner?  You can’t just make a kitchen ladder happen, not in Tunis.  We knew we needed something, but nothing presented itself.  This is why the ladder received its own photo on my blog.  
            The cupboard I was using for spices was too narrow and tall so everything got stacked on top of everything else on two of the four shelves.  Also, we can buy spices here in wonderfully bulk amounts.  I had to talk a vendor at the market out of packaging up 1 kilo of cumin for me last week assuring him that ½ kilo would be sufficient for now.  I love this bulk buying, but I needed to get my glass jars in action and decant them from the store packages.  
            Here’s how it came out.   
          It’s my philosophy that deep cleaning and precise organization create the best of luxury so I will say that the kitchen feels luxurious tonight.

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