More Fun with Canning Jars

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            This was fun to do for a dinner party this weekend.  These are a couple of a dozen individual cheesecakes baked in various canning jars.   
They are real cheese cakes, containing not just cream cheese, but ½ pound of Neufchatel along with crème fraiche.  The topping is roasted nectarines with some lemon basil and thyme for an herby infusion. 

For those of us no longer living in graham cracker land, this brand of cookies made an acceptable substitute.

           You should take into account, if you make these, that you and your guests will be eating a storage container full of rich dessert, but most of the guests were able to make peace with it. 

I won’t even pretend to rewrite this recipe.  It is from the blog Chez Pim and she has nicely broken down the steps in the recipe to walk you through it.

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