New Favorite Thing

          Here is something I picked up when I was in the US as basically a novelty item.  To be totally truthful, I really liked the jar and I assumed whatever tomato vinegar was could be replaced with many other mixtures if I didn’t like it. 
          Continuing with my process of eating our way through the refrigerator/freezer, I began with a package of ground beef whose celophane wrap had been punctured.  Mmmm, salivating already?  The vegetable bin produced some nice brown onions, limp spring onions, garlic, and some green/yellowing cilantro.  Undaunted, I composted the spring onions, browned the meat, sauteed the onions and garlic and put it back together.  Plain.  I then added a couple of teaspoons of smoky paprika chipotle seasoning I had brought over on a previous trip.  Now we were getting somewhere, but it was a little heavy.  Try a few shakes of this new tomato vinegar and wow, we’ve got zip!  It’s got the kick of ketchup without the sugar and goo.  We then had a Friday night dinner that was worthy of two each of the white corn tortillas I had smuggled back in my suitcase.  And the cilantro stood up just fine, too. 
          But I don’t know how to get any more or how to make it myself (she whined).

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