Not Our Usual Med

I’m home from work today for the fourth day.  What started as a firey sore throat turned into racking body aches and then morphed into bronchitis.  There was even a weekend in there so I’ve been sick for six days.  Our family doctor in Tunis makes house calls and she came round to my house yesterday afternoon and gave me a little check-up assuring me that I don’t have an infection, but just need to rest it out and take decongestants.  That’s good to know even if it doesn’t make me feel immediately better.

Overnight, a huge storm blew in.  It rained, hard, all night long, which I love for sleeping, but we’ve recently developed a hole in the roof and the bathroom ceiling is drip, drip, dripping.  I shudder to think how much water might be storing up above that ceiling and how heavy it might be getting.

The Mediterranean has huge, rolling, gray waves, churning the sand and rocks at the shore.  Palm and citrus branches are blowing sideways.    It’s atmosphere all over the place and I am glad to be tucked away at home with a couple of podcasts to listen to and a big bag of fava beans to shell.

I’ll share a recipe tomorrow or the next day, but today, I’m laying low.

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