New Patterns

We didn’t mention it much, but the dusting of our lives here in Tunis involved more than the sacking of our school.  Remember hearing about a little kerfuffle going on over at the American Embassy right before they turned their attention to our little school?  Well, we also lived a considerable amount of our lives over at that compound.  We co-own a beautiful swimming pool with the embassy where we have year around swim lessons and swim team, a commissary, and most importantly to us, a marine-caliber gym where we went to de-stress and pump up at least three times a week.  After work, the gym was filled with teachers from ACST staying strong and proactive.  We have really missed that rhythm.

Those of us who used the gym scattered throughout town to various gyms, hoping the gym might reopen within about 6 weeks.  Allan and I, after trying one option and another, have settled on a gym at a hotel on a cliff overlooking the sea.  This is a hotel where we lived for about 3 weeks the year before we moved here for good and we have fond home-like associations with that place.  The traffic is a little thick getting up there after school, but once we get up there, ahhh, the view over the Mediterranean makes all right with the world.  It’s so worth it.

For now, instead of dashing to the marine gym to get in a quick workout after school, we are taking a drive to the neighboring suburb and indulging in a destination workout with the healing bonus of this view.

And as we are driving back to Carthage, we pass by attractions we have possibly overlooked for one or two years.  I discovered the ruins of St. Augustine’s basilica in August, but Allan wasn’t with me so I pulled him in there on Saturday afternoon to experience the magnificent siting and wonder what that church might have been like back in the first century.

And finally, I have put in my kitchen garden.  I have a shady small yard and though I have been gathering seeds for awhile, I haven’t found a good site.  This weekend we cleaned some concrete planters on a terrace facing the sea.  We are putting in a new table and chairs set and I’ve finally planted some cool weather greens.

It can be good to change up your patterns.

2 thoughts on “New Patterns

  1. Oh, wise Julie, I have been reading and praying and pondering from afar. This is a long overdue posting to someone that no doubt needs continued community shaking their hands at the sky for you and making that known. I love your words, as always, and I appreciate your perspective on what you are seeing and experiencing and weathering. I’m SO grateful for your postings!

    1. This means a lot to me, Becky. One day, we’ll talk it all through. For now, though mistakes will be made, we’re just trying to keep them to a minimum. I would appreciate all of the hand-shaking my community can offer and I appreciate your writing as well.

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