Oh, Porto!



Porto is a city of serious historical depth with a pleasant industrial edge.  Our apartment, Oh, Porto, is perched on the rocky hillside directly under this Eiffel era bridge.  It might sound uncomfortable, but all of the architectural drama surrounding us is quite thrilling.



At the same time, Porto is incredibly friendly, just downright loving, and homey.  We discovered this restaurant on our first night and will be having our third meal there tonight.  The food is brilliant, but completely welcoming.  This is the couvert or snacks they bring to your table.  Various house-baked breads and crackers, olives, truffle butter, and fresh tomato creme fraiche.  Everything is served in bakeware or tiny enamelware dishes.  It is sweet and sophisticated at the same time.


Lunch was corn porridge with fried chunks of spicy sausage, a sous vide egg, topped with peppery greens, parmigiana, and fresh tomatoes.  I can’t wait for dinner.


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